Baby Jesus Is The Real Royal Baby

Note-wanted to write something a little different from the norm and so this came to me. A poem about society and how eager we are to worship others over our true savior.

Best we not forget this all important fact
And begin to worship a false idol
Babe is but mere human flesh when compared
You must not let yourselfs get too carried away over a simple human arrival

Just know who is great
Eternal blessed
U cannot place any above him even this newly born babe
So cute yet still only  a human being same as all the rest of us

It's not cruel just a
Simple statement of fact

The trap we must be ever so careful not to fall into
Heaven surmerged beneath our human failings
Everyday if that is what it takes we must remind ourselves who is the more important and blessed of the two

Regardless of the joy we all feel surrounding this most recent birth
Each of us must stay focused and not succumb to the the temptation
Allow nothing to make us try to make a god of him
Little true king there is only one

Remember that always
One Lord above all
Your god and master
A savior of rightous spirit
Loyal beyond all human measure

Blessed it would not to try and accept or mold into that image
Any other lesser being
Best to admire from afar and don't overdo the hero worship
You know there is only one rightful king first in line

Forever and always
Not by the name of Archie but by the name of....

Christ, Jesus Christ
Lord and savior of all