The beloved farewell

The time for goodbye had come so soon
Standing by the door that afternoon
Tears frozen like pearls in her sapphire blue eyes
Even her heartwarming smile couldn't disguise
The agony that lay embedded within her crystal clear tears
Despite all efforts, she couldn't conceal her deepest fears
She knew this could be the last time she hugged him so close
She didn't blame fate, she just blamed the life he chose
Nothing could grant her solace as he had to depart
Love gave her hope but yet it tore her apart
What killed her was the thought of him being in a strafe
She tied a charm on his arm and told him please stay safe
She wished one day this bloodshed, this warfare would cease
War granted the country honour, but it robbed her of her peace
Kissed him goodbye, into the distance his shadow swirled
She whispered my prayers will follow you to the end of the world