The Blazing Phoenix and Ice Siren

 Singing of sadness in her mind,
Longing for a meaning to her life,
Frozen in solitude pleading for warmth, a flame to ignite
Desperately seeking the tiniest light.
Something to awaking what had once died inside,
The smallest chance for the numb to reside.

Rising from ash in search of a home to hide his fortitude,
All potential had become tired, withered from being used,
Screaming through brilliant fire, angered at the world
He had become hidden and confined.
Passing over a shadowed place, lost in his clarity,
Unknowingly drawn to a distant call in an unforeseeable melody.
Intrigued he stopped to investigate momentarily.

As he approached the crystal ice silhouette clearly forsaken,
Bewildered by the light of life burning inside,
Contemplating whether or not it was a risk worth taking.
A hidden glow within a soul frozen in ice,
He stared still intrigued at the capsized eidolon,
Curiously trying to imagine how her paralysis begun.
A galaxy of emotion, so alive in her eyes
Accidentally, yet apprehensively took hold of his soul
Realizing the panic deep within,
Finally visualizing
This was no glistening palace,
It was a solid prison!

Consumed with empathy,
He sympathetically begun to melt down the walls.
At last...she could breath,
As the claustrophobia of cold slowly dissipated,
She extended a hand to touch the face of her savior.
Instantly cleansed by omniscience,
His eyes opened wide truly for the first time,
Silently she breathed in his life,
As if she were taking her first breath as a child.
Chest full of fire, drowning in desire
Locked within eyes ubiquitously prevalent
Unable to fight morality,

A perilous fate inevitably scribed in stone,
As tensions spun out of control,
They were without all hope giving in to the envy,
Fighting to resist with everything in thee,
Sagacious and deliberately distant,
Despite all effort, effortlessly they fell
Unable to catch herself,
Watching him slip as well.

With no ground in sight,
They fell blissfully through the days,
In a daze, their luminescence lit up the night.
Still locked in each other’s eyes,

They hit the ground and invoked a quake that awoke the earth.
With a new found balance,
Followed a revelation of realizations,
They began to see, that it wasn't a dream.
Clutching to his chest, trying to find his heart,
Searching for her inner star,
Conspicuously each one tried
To secretly reapply the bandages that had fallen behind.
Anxiously watching over their surrendered battered soul
Suspiciously pondering the other's goal.

So beautifully built in their own insane world of euphoria,
Synchronizing and feeding off the others antipathy,
Exalted in contingence, halted by demons of the past, breaking open the casket.
A love, a life, a future fell at the feet of paranoia.
Now roaming ever so lost at the others side,
Close enough to touch, yet too far to find.
Whispers of precaution are vicious and venomous to the eyes.
The vortex is lost, and the ocean is dried.
The star is shattered, but the need still resides,
Tossed into the flames, burning in fire
The souls now returned, but no longer wanted.

Perplexed in the disposition of trust,
Cursed by a history of betrayal,
Portraying a true love invalidly as an illusion of lust.
Mistakenly habitually pushing away,
Subconscious automatic reaction of magnetic attraction
Now turns against them.

Washed out and drowning by the acid of guilt. Wishing, praying for all logic to reside,
Begging to again be ignorant.
Derisive at their own minds
Seems as if to loop its way through time,
She shivered as the crystals begun to form around her once more,
As he withered away into the ashes
Patiently awaiting to be reborn.
So draws the storm.

A deep darkness, equivalent to an apocalypse,
A pause in time, as we all await the fate,
A unity foreseeably to be destine,
An unspoken premonition of love again,
Lying dormant is the passion,
of the blazing phoenix and ice siren.