In the Blue

East passes east by a copper bottom
I in my nautical zest
Suck speed from the cannibal breeze
Bitch like a bashful torpedo
Through the crush of the sea’s blue hearse
We are three: the sea, the wind, and me
Tacking like lions into each other
Mating for diagonal harmony
Engines in air and liquid lubrication
Like the irony of suns in elliptical motion
We press forward
Salt snowing my face like a lovely vice
Crisp air licking my keen and protruding eyes
Jelly in my legs
Sirens stinging my itinerant mind
I can hear the distant harbor bell
Crying the headwind like a steady rain
Drowning my compass in supernatural navigation
Stirring my prow in electric vacillation
Feeding my dreams
In the blue we’re all the same
We’re just moving in different directions.