by Logan V

They say
Survival of the fittest
Is what you’re trying to be
That your environment
Is making you ignore me
That you don’t know what to do
Because you just want to be bulletproof

A defense mechanism
Hurt them before they hurt you
Don’t cry
Toughen up
Stay in your own shoes
Don’t let them see
Who you wanna be
Wear this persona
Like a mask
To mask all your feelings
And your past

Be a thug
Be a man
Be anything
That we know you can
Hide behind a one-way mirror
That separates your mind
From your heart

Don’t go near those machine guns
That shoot out words
That cry
And shed tears
And have more rounds to go
If you do
They’ll break through
And out your bulletproof vest
You will go
Leaving you vulnerable
And true
And very possibly
Just you

Survival of the fittest
Is how your life goes
So “don’t you dare hesitate”
Before you decide
Where it is
That you want to go