Cinderella Works for Tips

I guess being a Princess
wasn’t all it cracked up to be…

I thought it would always be
champagne out of glass slippers,
but Prince Charming...really wasn’t.

Turns out that Papa King
held the purse-strings tightly
for a reason.

When Charming took the throne,
the treasury took a powder.

The Kingdom now has a parliament,
and being a figure-head pays squat.

So now we have a mortgage
on a thirteen-bedroom castle,
and that ain’t cheap.

The twins need braces,
and the baby has the croup.
Charming looks for solace in glass bottles.

Got to get back to it now…
Housekeeping for tips at the
local “No-Tell Motel.”

At least all that working for my Stepmom
is paying off at the new job.