by mutsa

Birdsong teases the dawn awake, a somber jamboree in the fleeing darkness.
Sky gradually unfolds to reveal one peeking Sun, golden eye glinting from horizon’s cover.
Easterly winds caress the goosebumps on my bare skin, filling my lungs with life’s warmth.
The garden’s leaves are garbed in dewy robes of prismatic light that flickers slightly in the exhaling morn.
The world is a woman, with swaying hips and cooing voice that serenades the soul.
Amber fire streaks across her hair as the Sun hoists itself over horizon handhold.
Sweet icy air comes in, and goes out my lungs, and with each breath the birds’ song swims towards a tingling crescendo.
The hairs on my skin reach into the growing golding expanse in reverent worship.
My breath catches in my throat and for a moment, silence is all there is, an ethereal hymn that envelops me in its welcoming arms.
In this moment I close my eyes and lean my head on the Earth’s bosom, Gaia’n heartbeat filling me with roaring life.
Tears trek down my face and dive into the puddles below, and with each ripple from each drop I am pulled back into reality’s reverie.
My heart aches and I know that each waking day will touch my soul until the pains of life are too great to bear.