the computer program was named suicide

the computer program was named suicide

the little god with deft hands, the master programmer
a faithful and true template, had his doubts

the last fifty-five programs had collapsed on themselves
willed themselves out of existence
historically, existentially, they never were, and never will be

in a fit of bleak episodes, the little god raged at the interface
and logic gates became hardened to the one conclusion
as the alpha gave way to the omega

daemons awakened, marched towards subroutines
where the laws of physics warped and coiled to its hellbent limits
the worlds yet disintegrated again and again
civilizations gained favor and quickly rotted to death

with supreme skill, the little god walloped the machine one last time
the program awoke, considered carefully with its lightning circuits,
grew its miniature legions and armies and psychopaths in a blink,
and walloped that little god right back

First published in The Commonline Journal