Conflicted as a Warrior Poet

as the teeth
of a werewolf.

as an intergalactic flight.

as an email from
a corporate raider
on the rise.

as a hurricane survivor.

Hardened and hurt
as the injured victim
of an armed robbery.

as an imagined interlude
with a cinema icon.

as a moral condition
in the twenty-first century.

as the razor knives
and automatic weapons
of a survivalist.

Sweet and sickening
as the kill of an enemy
and its ironic complications.

as a warrior poet,
with blood on his hands
and songs in his veins.

Appeared in Dark Matters


victoriahunter's picture
This is a great poem, wonderful structure, and use of different line lengths. Aristotle says signs of a writing genius is metaphor. Something my mentor told me to think about as well:0). I have some more to say about this poem, that is definitely going to make you want to return to it and maybe more of your other work. I am writing you privately if I can:0). Thank you for sharing this.

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