The Crashing Waves

This is an ode, to all the things we say and do,
When that sliver of hope fills up our heart too.
Whether it is in the ambitions of an innate achiever
Or the surreal imagination of a dreamer,
At least once in our lives, hope fills us to the brim,
Daring us to challenge fear, that is embedded in our whims.
There’s hope in watching the sun shine bright,
Because it symbolizes that a mirthful day succeeds every dark night.
There’s hope in watching the stars dance in the dead black sea,
If only we could understand what their burning presence mean.
They’re always beside their capricious friend Moon,
Keeping her company throughout her different moods.
Oh, there’s hope in one-sided love, alright!
For you’re always hoping that due to some miracle, their hearts just might,
Race as fast as yours when you infiltrate their sight.
Without hope, life is mundane and bland,
For hope gives us strength and helps us understand.
That life might not always bend to our will,
But we win, if at the end of the day, we’re standing tall still.
Hope isn’t the same thing for everyone in the world,
Some find it in the smile of a baby, some others inside an expensive pearl.
The nature is built weaving myriad strands of hope,
Sometimes it’s a lucky charm you believe in, that other’s think is a hoax.
So, here’s to all those 11:11 wishes you begged to come true,
Here’s to fulfilling all your hopes, old and new.
Here’s to the dandelions you wished upon,
Even if the rest of the world believed it to be a superstitious con.
Here’s to that four-leaf clover that landed on your feet last night,
Here’s to everything and everyone you prayed to, to make things alright.