What do I do when the black gates are shut
How do I live with the burns of every touch
Frantic attempts to climb up for no reason
Am I being punished for my amorous treason
Am I kept out for moving on with my life
Instead of diving in painful nether fire
Am I forced out and thrown into the pit
For some demon's amusement, a pleasure rather grim
- It's written on the wall
There is nowhere to go
No solace for the broken
No time to recover -

There is nowhere to go
But is there someplace to stay
Do I really have to fight
I just want to feel safe
Do you miss the one who hurt you
Do you miss being outside
I don't think I ever wronged you
So stop churning my insides

What do I do when there is no way forth
The barb wire is made of tiny prickly thorns
The wayback shrouded with all this toxic mist
My venom&his remedy connected in the bliss
Chemicals deluge my ever-splitting brain
My life so futile, I keep living in vain
The only way out is going downwards
My fingers always bleed, the dirt is so coarse
- It's carved on my skin
I have to dive in
And leave so much more stiffer
Or crying with bleeding fingers -

Crying with bleeding fingers
Cause colors are mixed up
The ground looks like my flesh
The dirt has made me dark
I keep digging down
And all I find is blood
But I know I will make it
The closure warms my heart

I bathe in my torn flesh with deep primal joy
Dug a hole that lead to what you cant destroy
On the way up I saw the treasure chest
What if I completed my tempestuous quest
Inside the chest lies the key to the gates
A note to inform me that they've gone away
I only ever needed a little peace of mind
But all that is left is my triumph's demise

And here I stand shattered
Here I stand so bitter
My tears sear my sorrow
And all of my stitches
All I had to do was try to fucking listen
All we had to do was work to help ourselves
All I had to do was understand I'll wither
If we dont fight together to get through this hell