Cruel World

This world
A Beautiful Nightmare
Strong crushing weak without care
This world
Not panited in Black and White
But tainted with color Grey
All are hunters
All prey
This World
A fickle, fickle place
Changing day-night without trace
There is no such thing like permanence
Every minute, Every second
You have to struggle
To survive you have to fight bloody battle
This world so, so...cruel;
Yet so......Beautiful
Where still I keep looking for a place like fool
Crawling on broken glass
When you finally found a place
Moving ahead of everyone in life name Race
You heard footsteps of stangers
Like warning of imminent dangers!!
You trip, you get up
Whenever you try to take a stand
There will be people
Making concrete under your feet
Despair of Quicksand
Then you realise, to stand tall above all
You have trade your very Soul
Crushing other's dreams and all.