The Cry


In darkness, a great nation cries out.
The Destroyer of Life administers the final dose to slaughter the submissive.
His henchmen obey his bidding.
Soulless carcasses of victims cover the city streets.
Poisoned, unfertilized fields lie fallow in eternal repose.
There is a permanence in death.
The Destroyer must be stopped.

A new faint cry for help spreads across a great nation.
Its voice, soft at first, then blaring and vociferous.
Its strength swells.
A great nation converges to demolish the epigones.
The battle begins.
The fire is lit.
It blazes.

Henchmen are hunted and caged.
At last Judgement Day.
The Finale, Execution Day.
The Destroyer is destroyed.
A silence unfolds across a great nation.
Lawful replaces lawlessness.
A great nation’s new cry is “Freedom”.