Dawn of a Spring Day

by keithos

A rose, delectable and delicious,                              
Opening tenderly to the soothing,
Silky shafts of scintillating sunshine,                    
Fills the air with bewitching fragrance!
Beaming, bounteous butterflies,
Intoxicated, sailing sumptuously
On white, wondrous wings,
Sway in the light morning breeze!
Hear the mellifluous chirping
Of carefree, enthusiastic birds
Playing among the hibiscus in bloom!
Listen to the patter of hesitant raindrops
Gliding recklessly off the glistening rooftop!
Behold the redolent rainbow crossing the sky
With a kaleidoscope of incandescent colors,
Transforming each erratic drop of water
Into an iridescent pool of rapturous beauty
To offer love, hope, peace, a rejuvenation!