Death than Life

I died,
For a few moment,
Then I got revived—
I wonder why?

Ambulance, Paramedics
Open heart bypass surgery,
Echo Scan
Cardiac rehab
Now I live again…
I don’t know why?

Dying was easy…
One moment I was alive,
The very next,
Poof ! Gone!!
It was pure bliss
Unaware I was dead.

They say all their prayers worked.
I was lucky
It was a miracle.
God has a purpose for making me live again …
But who wanted to live any longer.
Being dead is better
than dying of old age.

The hustle and bustle of life
will not change
The brouhaha is never gonna end,
What I’m gonna do more now
that I didn’t do in the past 70 years—
So why bother living anymore,
It will be same o, same o.
There’s no lure of life left
No longing for living,
Life now lacks luster
holds no lust, no laughter
just lingering in a limbo,
And, death lurks in the shadows
with a smug little smile.

I was ready; it was my time.
Now I wonder
when is my opportune moment.
I am now tethered to life
No longer free
Bogged down under pressure
to prove it was worth it.

When a new day dawns
and the shiny sun
came looking for me,
It will be alright
if it finds me nowhere!