In The Depths

by Regina

In the depths, the cool emerald, bubbling depths,
a nuanced singing, a beckoning so clearly
in the brine,
pink coral and sea anemones waving in
I felt so very gifted in the charms of the sea,
slate colored octopus dashed away with
tentacles roiling the sediment,
schools of timid fish, as if in flight of
aimless directions.

I thought, how could I breathe without
scuba gear-
yet, the fathoms were so deep, and I swam
with ease,
could it be but a woman mariner's dream?

Despite the elation of a humpback whale's
calling medley,
I sighted him, a youthful merman, as if he
was sculpted from God's own heaven's
he had a muscular grace tapered into a
lower physique with pearlescent scales
and fins,
sunlight flickering over his long hair of
silken strands bedecked with seashells,
singing with his oceanic blue eyes that
Poseidon could not match,
singing only for me.


Miles T. Ranter's picture
Hi Regina. I love this oceanic fantasy with all that sea life. It is quite evocative. The pink corals remind me of a documentary (narrated by the one and only David Attenborough) that I saw not long ago about how remarkable corals are and how important they are for countless marine life. Best, Miles.

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