Twelve men flooded with an illusion dream,
That a month later we could reach in Libya,
To attend a priest Libyan marriage through a Sahel desert,
We headed towards the desert from Niger,
To find our way to Libya.

On our way, we sang songs,
Songs of encouragement to us,
Because we known the challenges we could face ahead,
However, we carried food for a travel
but, it was a bearish plan.
The food that cannot suffice us all the way
In addition, others had carried natural drinking water
To sustain us through the desert.
That is how we had begun a happy journey.

Two days later, we entered the desert,
With little amount of water and food,
We get into a new course of life
Which no body of us had experienced.
The life in desert was inevitable exam to us.

The first night in desert was very longer,
Because we had slept on hot sandy like addax antelopes,
But the free sun rays had awaken us,
And lighted our way forward in that a drought land,
Nevertheless, our travel was surprised by a tour purpose,
When we had to see wonderful animals,
Such as graceful gazelles and ferocious cheetahs,
Even addaxes, poisonous snakes and scorpions were there.

The next day was a watch out day for us,
We had a walk through a premise of poisonous snake,
However, no body was ready for snakebite,
We marched on with hearts courageous,
With curiosity to attend the priest marriage.

The way we went forward,
The curiosity has grown much.
We had a talk in our walk,
A talk that revealed our traditional geologist,
The man who had taken us from the lost direction,
Moreover, we had appreciated him.

The drinking water we kept had run scarcity,
Moreover, we planned to get an alternative for our survival,
One day later, we got a solution from the animals well.

Colorful salads, millet, sorghum and starch rice,
We ate these traditional foods,
Foods that increased the victory spirit into us.
The Kilishi food we ate every day.
Was the best tasteful food made in Niger.

Twenty-seven days had gone in the desert,
We had seen destination land in far way,
Though we had finished the food, we had,
Nevertheless, the Kilishi remained our only food,
Our Niger food that never changed its taste.
We had reached into a place of tied gazelles,
With no license, we slaughtered them for food.

Three days later, we had trespassed to Libya,
the King had invited the world to attend the priest marriage,
Nevertheless, our fear remained in high,
because we had no passports and visa.

We went on to a priest Libyan marriage hall,
on our way the game reserve officer has caught us with a gazelle meat.