Distance & The (Un)Lucky Clover

1. Distance
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder
And so it is true
Ah yes the heart, which pulses and pounds as it yearns for you
The core of the soul, the almighty blood-pumping, life-giving core
Each beat, whispering your name
The red blood deliberately rushes through each artery
Delivering oxygen to the body to sustain life
But the warm crimson blood is cold without you here
Each cell carrying a piece of you with it
The heart swells with affection and appreciation
The heart is absorbed with desire and devotion
As the distance lengthens, the heart grows larger and larger with love
for you
Love to share with you

But what about the rest of you?
What about the lips that welcome yours?
Soft lips that are deserted, without yours brushing mine
Distance makes the lips go dry.
What about the eyes that lock your gaze?
Brown eyes, which search for you in everyone
Distance makes the eyes disappointed.
What about the stomach that fills of food when we cook together?
The stomach that shrinks, deprived of the meals we share
Distance makes the stomach empty.
What about the fingers that link me to you?
Delicate fingers which are bare, robbed of yours laced through mine
Distance makes the fingers unprotected.
What about the hands that are meant to clasp yours?
Fragile hands which are cold, parted from yours to hold onto
Distance makes the hands grow numb.
What about the arms that embrace you daily?
Graceful arms that form a hollow circle, without your chest
Distance makes the arms grow weaker.
What about the legs that walk with you for miles?
Strong, muscular legs that no longer have a companion
Distance makes the legs feel lost.
So what about the rest of you?
Distance makes the rest of you feel abandoned and aching
Distance makes the rest of you lonely.

2. The (Un)Lucky Clover

I am nothing but a meager clover.
Every day I pray the wind won’t knock me over.
I am a clover, green and growing.
Please be careful with the rocks you are throwing!
I am a clover, thin and short.
My tiny stem offers all my support.
I am a clover, delicate and fragile.
I suppose you can say I’m not that agile.
I am a clover that they say brings good luck.
Well I’d say you’d have better luck with a duck!
I am a clover, but I am not lucky.
And if you try to eat me, I will taste yucky.
I am a clover, but I don’t want to be found.
In fact, please leave me in the ground.
In the ground where the green grass sways.
I love to feel when the strong wind plays.
Powerful. It blows and blows still yet I hide.
I could really use more flowers by my side.
I am a coward. Afraid of being found.
Yes, there are tons of pretty flowers around.
Let me be. Oh please leave me.
Go look for something next to me!
Spare me from your long, hard quest.
I really don’t like to be stressed!
I am not lucky I swear.
So please leave and take care!
I just want to be left alone, and not have to worry.
And I don’t want to be taken in a hurry.
This is my home, I like it here.
Please don’t let me disappear!
Here, where the soil is moist and the sun always shines
I would really hate to be confined.
Here, where I see the flies and bees buzz by.
I just want to look up at the bright blue sky.
Here, where the clouds gaze down upon me.
I hope from down here I can still bring you glee!
I conceal myself in the green grass that towers over me.
Praying I am not plucked free.
I wait anchored in dirt every day.
And still I have not been taken away.
I thank you for letting me stay stuck.
I promise you, I will not bring you luck