Do You Think This Is A Game?

"Where the hell am I?"
The darkness never does respond
"Am I even still alive?"
I feel like everything is gone
And do you think you could believe me
If I said I understood?
The world around me is all leaving
From the static where I shook
In sweat that feels much colder
Than the blood that fills my heart
That beats much faster when I hold her
She feels much farther in my arms

Open my mind and bring me back
I'm saved from such a scary place
I think I get just what you meant
When you said, "Everything is fake."

Faded shade, the vaguest pain
The maze I wandered through for days
Pixel walls and hazy halls
Muted calls to hide my way

Look around
Up on the rooftop, I saw what you'd been hiding
Look around
Up in the sky, shined what things could be for you and I
Who's to say what's real, but the smile in your eyes?
Stay with me, believe in me
If only for the night