Don Quixote's Quandary

He had studied flags, kites and pinwheels
knowing them for the harmless fry of monsters
they would soon become his duty
for all his tilting at windmills
everything looked skewed

An enemy of state
of mind he sought the source
of untamed, wanton might
not just to cage a beating heart but to fire
engines whether of giants or turning, wooden sails

They bided their time or wasted his
aware they could outlast his futile forays
into imagination flickering like a candle’s flame
fanned not to burning novas but guttering
in the breeze, thoughts bending this way and that

Unwilling to give a hint of their endless energy
the windmills creaked unceasing, deep
belly laughing millstones about his neck
he’d hung his hopes and dreams on discovering
something as mighty and invisible as a breath of wind

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #17 2013