Don't Let Yesterday Be Gone

by Regina

Absent friend of long ago,
don't let yesterday be gone,
even if we never see each other again,
the memories stored away,
they're as precious
as gold and silver,
for another day, another year,
in my heart,
in my forever.


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Dear Regina, First things first, I wish to offer my sincere congratulations on another Member Poem selection. As for this week’s gem from you words fail me. A touching poem based on deep reflections. Haunting and evocative. Wishing you well with this, Warm Wishes, MyNAh_27

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Regina's picture
Hello my poetry friend, Your friendship and Mary's friendship are so important to me, MyNAh. The both of you are bright beacons on Poetrynook. May your pen flow with your stellar and remarkable poetry for many years to come. Thank you so much for your kind words. Hugs ♡


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