I was given a dove coated in the blackest night,
Promising renewal in the silence of my mind,
With clamor it covers my entire timeline,
While consistently nipping into all of my thoughts,

I tried to escape distracted in bated breath,
Slivers of doubt covering the soles of my feet,
I was steps away from victory in this labyrinth of life,
Like a piece in a game I’ve played a million times,

In raw angst, I mustered all my worth into a stone,
I made my move, a ripple in the pond of my existence,
As the sun began to rise, and the fog slowly lifted,
I struggled to see my reflection in consuming experiences,

Desperate to find an outcome that would lead me to myself,
Defeat didn’t relieve me nor victor a prize
Stalemate again, all paths dovetail to my everlasting demise,
Barely standing there broken, refusing any tear a route down my cheek,

Shivering cold, drenched in stagnant sorrow,
I looked to the sky for the heat of the light ,
Another promise, a rainbow appeared for me painted in five shades of grey,
Reminding me of what I’ve known and lost most of my life,

Leaving my footsteps in muddy waters, I continued on this path,
My veins filled with a surplus of ink,
Seeping out the echoes of my heart,
Departing a trail of flawed notes that uniquely made up my ballad.