Dreams of Possibilities

In my dreams I contemplate possibilities
Immersed in a fantasy void
Not a field filled with sheep
In my dreams I see all that I could be

I am the Destroyer
Savaging the lands
Razing all around me
Before I tip my hand

I am an empress
My words are seeds of nations
My voices persuades the masses
All will chant my name

I am a servant
Clear dewy eyes
Serving a greater cause
Innocent, but never unsure

I am a friend;
I am a lover
An entainer for the kings

I am a afraid
I am so brave
I am radiant as a star

I am alluring as a model
I am accepted wherever I go
But when I wake I will find
I am none of these at all

I am an outcast
I am unsure
I don't know where 
My place will be

The world is loud
The people sure
All seem to know their place
All but me accepted in fates' inescapable embrace

But I am left
To ask a question 
Never in my dreams
"Who am I, what will I be, in this world that turns and gleams?"