everything that be

I am broken wings
I am the petals once they wilt and lie dead on the floor
I am the broken glass swept up and discarded
the chores you have to do on a day off
the constant nagging of people who truly love you
I am collected dust on old books and objects of moments of better times or worse
I am the beautiful use of curse words
beautiful sins
a beautiful curse
I am static
the things left forgotten in the attic
the dead body left to rot in the woods or chunks at the bottom of the ocean
the rush of mixed emotions
I am volcanic explosions
I am smoke
the cigarette that kills
the drugs and alcohol that clash
your first and last
future AND past
the scar left from all the backlash
I am forgiveness
I am what you should’ve gotten for all that you’ve given
your secrets and demons
your very desire
what you’ve been wishing
I am a dream
the very reason you’re living
the air that you breathe
I am everything
I am the fire that can take down a whole city with me
the reason you bleed
tears of beauty
I am the sun you only appreciate in the winter’s cold
the cool breeze you yearn to pass by in summer’s gold
I am everything you want to hold
and must let go
I am fierce
the very faith that helps you get over your fears
I am here
I am peace
the frightening cracks of branches when you’re alone around trees
the calm falling of leaves
the gushing sound of waterfalls
I am everything you touch, smell, hear, and see
I am all
I am the birds and the bees
I am everything in between
your favorite book
every line that you read
I am me
and the most important thing is that
you let me be