Fading Away


The fall to come, looking ahead, a frenzy’s close up,
All the manners have gone away, all the sounds so dumb.
Miracleous, miscellanous, volted skies above us,
But the stars aren’t the same, not a single, true shine.

What amusement we had so far, what a lifetime just to sift,
Were we able to capture time, holding it up like a gift?
Unexpected, permanent pain mesmerizing what is past,
To have it all like never seen, not remedy, not shift.

A prison to imagine, having the fault of the all,
A windy heart including to be nonsense of his goal,
Gravity has gone away, only restless rising
Could prevent perhaps someday coming of the urgent fall.

Serenity after storm, let us divide into unknown,
We dazzling like blossom, burning flesh to the bone.
Maybe didn’t want to grow, blessing up the innocence,
We the shades of felicity fading away all alone.