Fall Time Blues

The leaves trickle down from the branches,
and I catch myself wondering-
Has life always been this boring?
or am I just a loner too much?
This season always seems to bring ache
Every year since I have dealt
with the forsaken nothingness.
The empty being in me is tired.
So tired of falling apart in
this time of blanched skies and darkness,
My thoughts intertwining with life
and its ability to hate us.

“The artificial light can save you”
I have been told this many times
But what happens if the light works,
Will I end up with too much vigor?
Energy is a most costly fee
and I cannot afford its price.
My mind is not capable of
handling such stimuli in life.
I would much rather stay bored and blue-
Living life in the fast lane is
Never a smart choice for a girl
Who cannot control her impulses.