fate falls fast

fate falls fast

the jack sat with the king
on the chilliest autumn night
whiling away with card games and rumors
the queen sat with the grey cat
on a fluffy bed
a dreary rain fell in the field, outside the window
fire breathed warmth from the hearth
within these stone walls
reality held fast

the jack accused the king
of palming cards, cheating the deck
the queen, shivered, imagined other colored futures
the cat licked its paw
reality held

a gust blew through the window
playing cards unwillingly flew their route
scattering fast onto the floor
they traveled forward through time
unaware, following that preordained path
as we do, as you do

the cat randomly mewed
and, so, reality sputtered, and spun

for a flurry of activity occurred
all at once
unbound by the steady step of time

the card reassembled and restacked
the fire played games with the autumn
the kingqueen reversed its bed skin,
rumored under the fluffy rain
hearth breath stone death

next to the fire
reality withered and flickered
reality whined and harrumphed
reality quieted

the cat yawned

loudly, the cat proclaimed the new universe alive