Filled with darkness

In the quiet calm of night
resting in the warmth of what is
soundlessly being undisturbed
only darkness fills the mind

memories of what she was
and of the actions shared
hopes and dreams of never was
passions the burned hot and clean

dreams of what was to be
deny the reality of the day
seeking fulfillment of passions then
blinded from what could be

hopes and dreams were cast away
by the daylight stark and mean
demands of others of what could be
trampling the dreams of what would be

clinging passions burning hot
seeking entry into what was not
reckless abandonment of dreams that were
for the needs that could not be

lost in darkness wandering there
locked in walls of hard concrete
paths that lead to nowhere then
turning back on what could be

nightmares became of dreams that were
love once shared now is feared
hopes shattered within the night
broken pieces cast on the ground

what of the dreams that once did fly
in bright sunshine up in the sky
on bright breeze of the day
on glossy wings we flew away

dreams we had of what would be
passions shared burning so hot
denied the demands of them who were
upon the ground with feet of clay

bright hopes of days that were
consume the by passions burning hot
filled with the hopes and dreams that were
of the days that were to be

darkness now all that is
empty steps echoing
tears that fall hot and dry
endless cries within the night

longing only for emptiness
to be in darkness without light
memories all to be faded away
and in the night empty be