Final Thoughts

I wonder can anyone truly say
I saw all there ever was to see,
On his dire deathbed as he lay,
I had it all, life was good to me?

The one question that will remain
in my heart and burden my soul,
Did I live my life so far in vain?
or did I play well a hero’s role!

I guess no way will I find it out
after I am dead and out of sight,
Only when I am alive and stout
is my chance to set things right.

When the sun rises again to share
its warmth and rejuvenating glow,
Sadly, you may not find me there
As moments fly, time swiftly flow.

It’s about now to tie up loose ends
and renounce my wanton pastimes,
Call it a day, time to make amends
and repent past impulsive crimes.

But oh, how will I ever get to know
I played well my part, good or bad,
Finally, when my fate bid me to go
Did it make my folks happy or sad?