Former Filth Denizen

This year, I have decided to cleanse my heart, body and soul
I am getting rid of the filth and all dreary dreams with celestial fire, behold,
I will no longer be humiliated, I am drowning my sorrows and negativity, 
My sole purpose is to be a light to the nations and shine with wisdom and  sovereignty
I am drowning by frustrations in the incense of moral excellence  and virtuous gold.
I have become  a sceptre with virtues and love, so I am bold.

Furthermore, I am tossing out my garments that are an altar of acid 
You see, I've learned that I am a treasure beyond measure
I am not afraid of the dark because earth's serene and full of vigor, 
With faith,  I can now fulfil my love, dreams and have my moral excellence as I desire;
Do not shun me  because I am removing all my trashy emotions, fears, vices and, useless things with celestial vigour,
I've baggage everything! I am not afraid to launch out  as a former filth denizen because now I am the one holding the trigger.