Ginger-Hungry Baby

by Ifeolu

I would have our baby
If you’re tolerant and understanding
If you could accept me for who I am
And love my justified faults
If you’re patient with my ancient imperfection

I would have our baby
If you’re not just tall and handsome
But if you’re willing to pay the ransom
In the event it gets kidnapped
Or I get kidnapped

I would have our baby
Only if you love Jesus as much as I do
If you could recite Psalm 23 off hand
If you could list the twelve apostles without stammering
If you could prove your intimacy with God

Really, I would have our baby
If you could love me more than I love myself
If you could reciprocate my respect
If you could treat me as your glossy treasure, which I am
If you could reason with me in every city of situations

I would have our baby
If you could remind me those three words every morning
With all sincerity and no sense of compulsion or deception
I would have our baby
Because I love you so much
That I’d do anything you want me to do

Ask and it shall be given unto you
Tell me
Talk to me, I’m all ears
“I want us to make a baby”
Say it, I’ll listen

Wait a minute!
I forgot!
We’re not yet married!
Let’s chase that piece of paper like our gingerbread man
Not until then could we get down to business
When we cross the hungry bridge
I’d tell you all these all over again…