The Girl Who Was Left Behind

Mama cried as you packed your bags
I wondered where you were going
You held me tight before hailing a taxi
And left without looking back.

I ran after the vehicle that took you away
But my feet were too slow,
So I screamed at the top of my lungs
Come home soon! I will be waiting for you!

Days, months and years
Time quickly passed by
But I continued waiting
For your homecoming.

People said you’ve abandoned me
I never believed them
I kept  my hopes high
That one day, you would return.

As I walked down the street,
I came across a man
As soon as I saw his face, my heart began to race
For I know who he was.

The man resided in a huge home
He had lovely children and a wife
I'd say he was content,
and lived a prosperous life.

He stared at me with a bewildered expression
As I introduced myself to him
A ghost from his distant past
A daughter he had left behind.

There was a glimmer of recognition in his eyes
But he clearly pretended not to know
How could he possibly forget?
When I wore the face of a woman he once loved.

I waited for his response
Tears welled up in my eyes
I do not know you, young woman
Was all he said.

I turned my back without saying a word
Memories came flooding
And drowned my heart with sadness
Reality sank in slowly and painfully.

You’ve left me behind
For I hindered your ambitions
I bet you didn’t know
Being with you was my greatest dream.

I hailed a taxi and left
Just like what you did many years ago
Refused to shed even a single tear
And just let the broken pieces of my past go.