God Exists Without A Place

Nothing in this world is infinite
Although the poets try to charm us so
Their dizzy wizzy love was born with death in it!
Exaggerations snuffed its sacred glow

Many poets have falsely claimed
The object of their musing is “eternal”
For great oaks in hurricanes, cracked and maimed
Were nutshells with death in their kernel

What is perceived as cute and pretty
The eyes cannot hold, taste or relish 
The soul that grows to live a moment’s beauty
Expands without power to embellish

Rather it enriches by submission
To One we cannot hear or see or sense,
Who enables by Eternal compassion
To drink from beauty’s opulence

A soul may sense a unique feeling
After saying an accepted prayer
When intangible inspired blessings
Rise and fall like mountain air

I cannot count the times I marveled
At the light upon your radiant face
Like silken ribbon I would have unraveled
Had I not praised the Creator’s grace

I inclined to remember your voice
As one who dared to approach a cliff edge
Where gusts of sea air lift up without a choice
Like a bird I soared with your solemn pledge:

There is no one worthy of worship except Allah
Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah
صَلى اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ سَلَم

And from that height I could see further
Than I predicted possible to see
The guidance from by my beloved master
Diminished obstacles before me

Yet my end is not in sight, it hides
Surely, whether I am good or sinning
With each breath it takes a pre-determined stride,
Ordained by One without beginning


Mohamed Sarfan's picture
Dear Poeter, Every human being is a slave of Almighty Allah. Each of us is writing the exam as a standard heaven life in the exam hall of life. When the side of benefits is completely surrendered, a man's life becomes successful in this world and the next. The life of a man who is immersed in sins and unrighteous thoughts will surely be punished. Success will come when man begins to explore every creation created in this world, to realize the true theme of unstable life. This poem really impressed me. All The Best My Dear Friend; Write More Congratulations

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