The Good Times

What prevents us from writing about the good days?
The best times?
The unforgettable moments?
Why are we so quick to memorialize the bad days?
The suffering?
The struggles?
They are all equally important experiences, but the pages seem to be filled with sadness.
Why does the pen flow more rapidly when a heart is breaking?
Do we think it is unnecessary to ink the joy?
Will those moments be burned into our brain so that we never need to be reminded with the words?
Could it be that we are constantly second-guessing our worthiness of the happiness?
I wish I knew.
I wish I was so quick to grab my pen when I have the best day ever.
You would think I would want to make that best day ever last forever by recording it and making it part of my history.
Maybe I am so busy soaking in those moments because they are few and far between.
Maybe one day I will have the answer, and I will write it down to always remember.