The Human Toll

by Regina

Why would a great, strong nation, symbolized by the
dignified and regal bald eagle,
send its sons and daughters of the oath
into the lion's mouth ~
some fallen in a courageous soldier youth's death,
returning home beneath the American flag of
the stars and stripes that promised to care,
some of a spirit that's exhausted, washed gray,
dreams of the soldiers' sleep fractured in
the wounds of body and soul,
the human toll, it's a human toll.

When the U.S. government wanted our soldiers
to be passive and silent,
embrace the suck and fade away,
the human toll, it's a human toll,
some unknowingly drank poisoned water
living on the U.S. Camp Lejeune base,
some breathed in toxic burn pits air
in Iraq and Afghanistan, sickened
and died,
this wasn't from the enemy, but from
the guilty U S. government,
I sit in the darkness of an empathic's despair,
the human toll, it's a human toll.