Hunters Prey

In the forest, twilight deepens, where the fears of creatures deepen,
Comes a terror, stealthy creeping, stalking prey with deadly gaze.
In the moonlight, pale and fleeting, through the thicket, hearts are beating,
In the gloom, a fate is meeting, in the predator’s cruel maze.

I, a hare, with heart a-quiver, through the woods, with breath a-shiver,
Flee the hunter, dark deliver, in the forest’s tangled weave.
Through the briars, swiftly darting, from the beast, so cold and charting,
Every step, my soul departing, in the gloom where fears perceive.

Eyes of amber, fierce and burning, in the dusk, with hunger yearning,
Through the brush, the beast is turning, every breath a whispered threat.
In the silence, footsteps nearing, through the glade, my heart is fearing,
In the chase, my soul is searing, from the doom that’s swiftly set.

Through the underbrush, I’m leaping, in the dark, ever keeping,
From the jaws, so cold and reaping, that pursue with deadly might.
In the forest, whispers sighing, through the leaves, with death defying,
In my heart, the fear is crying, as I flee into the night.

From the trees, the dusk is gazing, with a cold and distant phrasing,
In the woods, my path is blazing, through the forest’s silent shroud.
In the distance, echoes calling, through the gloom, with fears befalling,
Every step, my doom forestalling, in the murk where fears are proud.

Through the glade, with moonlight glistening, in the woods, my ears are listening,
For the beast, with heart so bristling, drawing near with every breath.
In the silence, fear is growing, through the gloom, my steps are flowing,
From the fate, the beast is knowing, in the jaws of certain death.

With a leap, my heart is pounding, in the woods, with terror sounding,
Through the trees, my soul is bounding, in the murk where fears display.
In the twilight, beast is trailing, through the dusk, with breath exhaling,
Every step, my fear prevailing, in the forest’s cruel array.

In the end, my strength is waning, through the dusk, my heart is straining,
In the woods, the beast is gaining, with a snarl, so fierce and wild.
Through the trees, the gloom is parting, in the dusk, swiftly darting,
In the woods, my soul departing, from the forest’s cruel child.

With a cry, the chase is breaking, in the gloom, my soul forsaking,
In the woods, ever shaking, from the predator’s cruel glee.
In the forest, death is singing, through the dusk, with fears clinging,
In shadows, my fate is ringing, in the beast’s cold, deadly spree.