I Am My Shadow

by Arianah

A shadow that once followed my every step,

Is now making its way in the lush dark fields.

It is now without me, actually it is me without it.

For it left my sentient state of mind,

And floated away with my subconscious tide.

And now it is I who is following the shadow,

The shadow being me, of course.

And I will not keep secret that following in my own footsteps is hard.

And at this moment I lean down over a lump patch of dirt.

At least it looks like dirt from where I stand.

Myself is standing over the lump, and I am a short distance away.

Staring at myself is a peculiar thing,

The moment couldn’t get more strange.

But it did.

The lump began to move and I realized it was a person.

The person was a girl, fading away.

I did not know why, but at the sight of this girl I lept into action.

Myself came to battle me.

I knew my every move.

If I did get the chance to strike my own body the pain inflicted upon myself.

I fell against the ground and crawled to the girl, my shadow self following slowly behind.

I could tell she was dying, it was clear.

I whispered to the girl who for some reason meant something to me.

“Who are you?”

And the answer is one that chilled my heart, the answer is one that I will never forget.

“I’m everything you have ever loved.”

And I felt my shadow consume me.