I Just Want

by Lizzi

I just want to hold your hand as roiling thunder storms

To let you know it was your touch – t’was then I was reborn
I just want to dance, rain drenched, entranced, electrified
To hold and taste and feel, and see the lightning in your eyes

I just want to walk with you on limpid wave-washed shores
To wander on an endless beach and know, for now, I’m yours
I just want to wake, sun-baked, to share the summer’s charms
To ride against the tide of you, encircled in your arms

I just want to lay with you in meadows flower-strewn
To stroke your arm and see if there our spirits might attune
I just want to romp with you in finely powdered snow
To shriek with glee and freeze and warm again in fiery glow

I just want to scale the heights and say the world is ours
To show you stars of endless nights as moments become hours
I just want to dive and lose us both in azure hue
To cherish every dreamscaped wonderous moment spent with you

Previously published at The Well Tempered Bards - https://welltemperedbards.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/i-just-want


Lizzi's picture
Thank you so much, Jenn. I got to thinking about all the things I wished I could do with this person, and how much I'd love to share those profound, intense experiences. The words just...rolled :)

,.-^*Life in Silver Linings*^-.,

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