I Need to See

I was 7 or 11, I’m not really sure
Always curious, seeing things that weren’t there
My dad called me “Snake Eyes”
Because of my wide-open stare
But I could see things
Things in the shadows, or
Made of shadows
Things that others couldn’t
Maybe wouldn’t see
Denial a more comfortable place
Than confronting mystery face to face
Dad! I want to see clearly!
I don’t care what they might be
Monsters, demons, witches, spirits
I have to know they’re really there
My dad was an understanding man
Though he really couldn’t understand me
“Son, I’ve heard of a legend
Come Christmas eve midnight
If you stand in the middle of the street
A black chicken on top your head
The shadows will be seen in full light
So here’s your early Christmas present”
he handed me a box and in the box
A black chicken
December 24th, 11:59pm
Other children are looking up to sky
Hopeful of seeing Santa Claus fly by
I’m focused on the darkness
Onyx fowl atop my head
Excited to see what others dread!