I Need You To Know

I am so intrigued
I am so relieved

How you appeared in the shape of my trees
Standing in front of me 
You were begging me please
Of my roots you’ve dug so deep
In length and strength it will always keep

Intertwined connected and whole
Stable and strong sharing one soul

We float together in a twirling weave
At least
that’s the thought I first conceived

now the only thing I can perceive
And it doesn’t seem to want to leave

There is this pressure I cannot measure
My hands keep getting sweatier
Breaths are getting heavier
And thoughts tunnel together


All of this is for the better when I remember
how much pleasure I’m sinking under

Drowning in all things your essence captures
Spellbound by your enraptured rapture

Elated with contact by you
Engulfed with ecstasy that speaks the truth
Ears always open and never aloof
I heard your love


Love so acute it pierced my heart
As if Cupid shot me with his dart

You make me quiver and shake
And yet my heart won’t brake

Lasting desires day and night
And yet there is always light

The frequency in me, is that of thee

Forever singing
And yet the only ones listening

How much hurt I’ve felt before
Is suddenly gone and no more

My heart was open all along
In search of the same song