I search

In the morning cold
cold blows the falling snow
a tattered blanket of dirty white
hiding not all life away

wanting now I search
for some meaning to feel
a purpose needed to be
defining what I am

I have felt the glowing sun
warm light shining on me
letting me feel fulfilled
it too quickly faded away

my words I scatter far
I shout them upon the wind
which carries them far away
never returning again to me

a hunger hurts inside
a need I cannot fill
in the days I seek
and in the nights I cry

purpose do I have
a reason that I am
something that I should be
but can it I become

dark paths remember I
ways taken in the night
lost in the light of day
under the burning light

with fumbling steps I walk
seeking that which might be
but pain does fill my soul
and I fall onto the ground

lying in the dust
seeing dark clouds overhead
wondering of the light
now lost unto me

but I cannot stop
I crawl onto my knees
to somehow continue on
seeking to find me