"I love you Mummy please don't kill me."
I bear treasures and wisdom with ideas so keen,
Full of hope, glory and energy within.
My hands are made crafty—to art, to draw, to make, is my thing.
Because I possess intelligence the mortal world has never seen.

I love you Mummy please don't kill me.
I have the power to build nations and empires.
My zeal is greater than the bond of blood and vampires.
To rule, to fame and honour, will be my desire.
All my wishes, my wants, my desire before I retire,
Is to be born, live and see what I can acquire.

I love you Mummy please don't kill me.
I am your blood, your own self,
Carved out from your inner flesh like a shelf.
Like a jigsaw puzzle, I was put together
Where cells, bones and blood grow for better.

I love you Mummy please don't kill me,
I desire to know humans' cry and happiness.
The smile, frown, cold, rain, sun and hotness.
The green earth, the brown soil, the beautiful flowers,
I want to smell, touch and taste them all.

I love you Mummy please don't kill me,
I want to feel a mother's cuddle,
Smuggled to her bosom in a huddle.
I want to taste the good and bad.
I want to feel the pain, sorrow and vain toilings of mortals.
I want to experience the atrocities men perform.

I love you Mummy please don't kill me,
When you paddled the canoe back and forth,
Enjoying all the pleasures in a ding.
When you were reaching the seventh heavens,
Blinded by the ecstasy,
Unconcerned about the consequences it will bring.
Little did you know that you were beckoning to me.

Sooner, you realize, the bubble in your stomach.
From the seventh heavens, you dropped down to reality.
But it was late and you don't want me to stay.
Even if you were raped, nonconsensual,
I still deserve to live.

You tried removing me with so many pills.
Little me was bombarded with capsules and herbs of various kinds.
You scamper here and there, looking for a way
To send me back, to the heavens you called me from.
I don't want to turn back, I couldn't yield,
'Cause I carried a gem, I carried a better life.

Later, you tried the last option,
This would remove the baby permanently, they say,
You entered my room with forked scissors.
Lest you forget, this could hurt you too,
It could cause untold harm to your body.
Premature death is also lurking around, you couldn't see,
You are hell bent on getting rid of me.

Remember, it is not my fault I came,
You were carried away by pleasures.
Vicissitudes of life having its toll on you,
Now with tears in my eyes, I cling to the rope connecting us,
Weeping aloud, I cried:
"I love you Mummy please don't kill me,


Brother Bilal's picture
Dear John the Beloved, thanks for this beautiful heartfelt poem. It is revealed in the sayings of the Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him that the soul is blown by an angel into the body of a foetus after 120 days. From that time onwards, around 16 weeks, the baby is a human being in its own right and abortion is murder. Before that time abortion is still unlawful and a sin, but it is not murder. This is what I have been taught by reliable people with an unbroken chain of narration back to our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him. There are more details to this but I provide just the basic overview. Thank you for this beautiful poem that reminds us of the sacred value of a child's God given life.

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Mohamed Sarfan's picture
Dear Poeter, This poem does something on my mind. But, I can not say exactly what that feeling is. This poem has instilled in me a great ideology of what kind of background it feels like a lesson when a child is developing. The universe is fragmented by the desires of the flesh. Every second a thousand new babies on earth feel the first cry on earth when millions of people born here are asking themselves the question of why I was born. I am indebted to the poet who gifted me with the wonderful truth of the scientific fact that the search for life, the struggles, the dreams, the ambitions, the cries, the smiles, and the longings all begin to think while in the womb of the mother. Of course, I hope this poem will be a success this week. This poem really impressed me. All The Best My Dear Friend; Write More Congratulations

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