If You Could...

If you could look with
the eyes of a child
would you see the
rainbow's end
beckoning you to climb
its arching bridge
to Wonderland?
If you could hear with
the ears of a child
would the fairies whisper
their secrets
calling you to run
among the trees and
try to catch the wind?
If you could touch with
the hands of a child
would you feel the
raindrops like
cool silver needles
tickling the skin
as you laugh in its shower?
If you could taste with
the tongue of a child
would flavors melt in
your mouth, bursting
like stardust, tart
and sugary by turns.
Would you eat sunlight?
If you could smell with
the nose of a child
would excitement have
the scent of tomorrow
wrapped in happiness
with a tinge of allspice
for flavor?
If you could speak with
the words of a child
what would you tell
the world?