An Indefinable Emotion


Goosebumps sprout in the drizzle of this ethereal emotion.
I’m marveled by what I feel;
even the word ‘Ecstasy’ cannot convey its depth.
It’s like the heaven-light illuminating my soul.
Oh, I don’t think it’s an apt simile.

My mind floats in the sublime air as a milkweed seed.
It’s not the unreal reality created by the mescaline.

It’s as pure as innocence,
seems to spring from my rock-bottom.

From this indefinable emotion,
a new poem is born without cesarean.
Lines are not faux;
rhythm is unique.

Soon the euphoric vibes vanish.
A sweet mood is always transient.
Unlike a rainbow,
this emotional phenomenon is a mystery.

First published in The Literary Hatchet.