Inner Vocal Quiver



As if a child should understand an adult’s muddle,
putrid oil slick puddle,
the dreadful pain we foist on wide-eyed offspring.
Robot elders crush with rigid slabs of Portland censure whatever spark remains in rosebud cheeks before their prime.
Those innocents should never have to wrap their nascent minds around the wanton desecration of intertidal lakeland wetness gradients,
the callous douse of velvet purple algerita berries,
blighted by the stark timbre cloud forms
that recklessly pour bile on every genus.
The rug rats at our feet may never know the joys of sap-addicted sugar gliding nocturnal possums, whose acrobatic tree to tree mirror ball exploits mock Isaac Newton’s legacy,
or that  "fifth hand" climber rainforest  kinkajou who flaunts his tail grip tan glow wooly fur coat in broad daylight,
to say nothing of the dawn to dusk fennec fox of lore, that doughty eagle owl and jackal dodger whose kissing cousin dens pockmark terracotta forests.
A heartless milieu asks our clutch and clan to dwell in
alloy girder mousetraps, pale decor rat infested hovels one and all,  gouged out by scrimp and scrape rust bucket caterpillars on clay bake gutter strata.
Beyond belief we tolerate the nick and hoist pressure  cooker elevator, 
cruel transit flight abduction of  harried wage slave parentage,
those cotton garment dress code senseless
dragonfly stand-ins that hover in mid air.
Future bands of mutant stem cell rockers are duty bound to sculpture rimshots meshed in suckling chimes,
when validating rawhide rattle chainsaw fret board anthems
at crowd mosher mud fests, 
where rivers of apocalyptic visions burst the bank.
If only grown ups listened to that inner vocal quiver that we
may not yet have cast into plastic resin folly for the   generations weaned in toxic smoke rooms,
we’d pollinate a luscious fairground acorn dotted garden with childhood  zest its one and only buzzword.
A sweet treat gift with natural flavour pending,
eternal life for baby planet daisy chains of tender petal linkage,
who‘d finally experience pure clutter free environments,
an eco world that values new born thirst for natural realms.