I can never describe this feeling
Without thinking of you
Because you are the first person I had ever felt it with
It was always hard to tell what we were
But when you looked at me and told me you wanted me
I felt my entire heart drop into your bedroom floor
And pick itself back up out of fear, excitement
I was almost happy
Then it was like I could not stop
My mind was constantly chasing my heart
Because my mind always warned me to take it slow
But my heart had already run its marathon, twice
My heart kept yelling at me
To keep you as close as I possibly could
And every time I had a thought that I knew was a little crazy
I had to tell myself to calm down
Because I knew you heard the words the same way I would have
It is crazy to hear someone say they want a long, forever with you
When it has been less than even a few months
And I am sorry because I never meant for you to feel trapped
I never meant for you to feel like you had to have me forever
I just could not hear anything over the deafening screams of my heart
She was just so happy that you were a person who would never
Raise a hand against me, you would never
And for that, I am so thankful
And I hope when she tells you that she wants you forever
You are ready to hear it and want it too
Because you deserve to wake up one day
And thank your lucky stars for the amazing woman that has the honor
Of being yours