Is it still so?

We used to be so happy: your hearty laughter always took all my troubles away.
Your presence filled me with joy, and your sweet, sweet love made me whole.
It all felt like a movie and you my dear had the leading role...
In those days our love seemed so perfect, splendid in every way.

But now all that's left is the memories we've shared and I miss you so, so much.
I miss the time when I was ever so proud to be yours, and you my dear were flattered to be mine.
Oh, how I wish that by some stroke of unimaginable luck I could turn back the hands of time.
Even if it was only for the slightest moment that I would once again feel your touch

Does it really have to be this way? It hurts me so much more than you could ever know.
I didn't, even for a moment, think that being without you would hurt this bad.
You once said to me that I was the sweetest dream you ever had...
Is it still so darling, please tell me, is it still so?