So, they look worse for the wear,
May even have a slight tear.
Coming apart at the seams,
But they’re your favorite jeans.
They’ve been around for a while and though it’s easy to see,
What keeps them in style is that hole in the knee…
You’ve had jeans through the years in all shades of blue,
But these feel they were made from a pattern of you.
And the color it seems goes with about anything,
Whether going sedate or on the town for a fling.
Something else can be said if your jeans have a flair,
What else would go better with the boots that your wear?
And when getting dressed in your closet you stare,
With all of your jeans you keep selecting this pair.
Do you look in the mirror and then say with a grin,
“I’m in love with these jeans ‘cause they make me look thin!”

From Rhymes and Reflections published 2020