Keep in Mind

Keep in Mind

an iterative technique to explore
the defect repeating answers
derive from an anecdote
needed to resolve all one wishes

the method sequence of each
upon knowledge
generally sufficient to the trouble
in direct increments
through layers of abstraction
that still connects to the original

-Note that this suggests
a broken behavior
indicative of reaching
to a process that does not exist

-Untrained facilitators often
seem toward not enough time nor power
these may be true

within its manufacture
is a critical component
part of the induction
the architect described the basis of repeating
nature as its solution
widespread beyond and now
within others
it appears in other forms

branched to provide rules
In order
properly following advice
bringing a more precise error
will prevent again
a power for true being

the depth needed
a tendency to stop
rather than going on to lower
beyond the knowledge