Korean Fuel Train Disaster of 2004

by DavidKM

Korean fuel train disaster of 2004



Why do so many children miss school?

Sand with muddy burrows;

Dank and childless,

What the sea hides

It will one day reveal.

The land knows the same trick,

But performs it more slowly.

Sometimes we can see the hands moving.

How did Chinese ghouls

Come to this place?

They won't speak to us;

We will never know

Their long slow migration through the earth.


Out of the mud-filled burrows

Come estivating ancestors,

Or, as such they were worshipped

By our real ancestors.

A state that values privacy so much

Knows how to deal with this kind of problem.

Why do so many parents miss work?

We regret that the two trains collided.

Alas, no visitors are welcome

To this place.